Wholesale Trees

Yorkshire Christmas Trees Ltd has now become recognised as the leading grower & suppliers of high quality and good value Christmas Trees. Orginally supplying small and medium sized customers, the company was established in 1997 due to the inconsistency of supply and quality to its own retail business.

Its continued growth and expansion has seen its client base increase twofold in the last two consecutive years.

Over the last two years the trend to move from the traditional spruce to a non-needle drop tree, has seen the sales of Nordmann fir increase to represent approximateley 80% of all trees sold last year. Passing advice on to our customers regarding the correct mix, pricing and quality of trees has been seen by many as invaluable.

We pride ourselves on supplying a comprehensive range of high quality christmas trees at competitive prices. Our trees are grown in plantations that are accredited with the ISO 9002 certificate of assured quality. It is for this reason that we can absolutely guarantee the quality of all our trees.

We operate a palletised delivery service and cash and carry facility for customers who prefer to select their trees from site. The cash and carry facility allows customers the option of purchasing smaller quantities and topping up as stock declines. Therefore reducing the exposures of over stocking. Our extensive floodlit site is open 7 days a week from 9.00am to 8.00pm.

Our palletised delivery service is based on full or part trailer loads. All trees are supplied pre netted to maintain quality and to reduce storage space.

Due to our constant evaluation of the ever changing customer requirements and based on the statistics taken from own retail sites, our professional and dedicated team will offer advice on the correct mix of trees,correct retail pricing, point of sale and after sale tree care.

Whether you are interested in a small, medium of large quantity, the ethos of the company remains the same – supply a high quality product, at a good value and offer specialist advice and service at all times.

Nordman Fir

Dark green glossy foliage, excellent needle retention, leaders of the market, the “Rolls Royce” of Christmas Trees.

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Frazer Fir

With Superb Pine Fragrance, high needle retention and narrow shape, this tree is ideal to fulfil a smaller space requirement.

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Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas Tree, with soft aromatic foliage.  With poor needle retention, this is ideal for outdoor use.

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Pot Grown Trees

A living tree – Grown in its container – Can be planted in the garden after Christmas – Remember it’s alive – Water it!

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Potted Trees

These trees are lifted from the ground and containerised – They have a limited chance of survival if planted in the garden after Christmas.

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Scots & Lodge Pole Pine

Good needle retention – Sheds the needles on its trunk annually – This sometimes results in a ‘birdsnest’ at the bottom of the tree – Stamp the tree on the floor to clear the detached needles.

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